The major difference noted for the year 2001 when compared to 2000 is the greater demand for uniform filling mode. This mode, first delivered in 2000 at a rate of 3%, is now delivered at the same rate as for the 2 * 1/3 filling, i.e., a share of 30-35% for each of these 2 modes. The remaining 35% is shared between the 16 bunch, the single bunch and the hybrid 1 modes (Figure 175). The main advantage of the uniform filling mode is a long lifetime, greater than 75 hours at 200 mA hence reducing the heat stroke on the Users' monochromators during the refilling of the storage ring. In addition, it makes better use of the limited dynamic range of the X-ray detectors.

Fig. 175: Distribution of the filling modes during the year 2001.