High-Throughput Crystal Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction Data
µ-X-ray Absorption Tomography and µ-XANES for Characterisation of Fuel Particles
Picosecond Structures of Photosensitive Molecules Using Pulsed Synchrotron Radiation
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Catalysis: In situTime-resolved EXAFS of Surface Organometallic Sites
Solutions: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigations of Metal-ammonia Solutions
Dilute Samples: Structural and Chemical Information at 1 ppm Levels
XANES: Mapping of Sulphur in Calcareous Mollusc Shells
Plutonium: XAFS Measurements of Plutonium Hydrates
Thin Films: EXAFS Determination of the Local Environment of Column III and V Elements in Amorphous Germanium Thin Films
High Pressure Studies: Superhard Polymeric Carbon Dioxide
Study of C60/Au(110) p(6x5) Reconstruction from In-plane X-ray Diffraction Data

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1st March 2015 (inclusive)

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15 Jan 2015

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23-24 Apr 2015
22-23 Oct 2015

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