Besides the ESRF, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (in Grenoble, France), a large number of particle accelerators / storage rings around the world are dedicated to basic and applied research using synchrotron X-rays. Far from being exhaustive, the following list provides links to other synchrotrons, sorted by continent/country of location.

Location Institution
Denmark: ISA (Aarhus).
France: LURE (Orsay), Soleil (Orsay).
Germany: ANKA (Karlsruhe), BESSY (Berlin), DELTA (Dortmund), ELSA (Bonn), HASYLAB (Hamburg).
Italy: Elettra (Trieste).
Spain: ALBA (Barcelona).
Sweden: MAX (Lund).
Switzerland: SLS (PSI) (Villigen).
United Kingdom: Diamond (Didcot).
Brazil: LNLS (Campinas SP).
Canada: CLS (Saskatoon).
USA: ALS (Berkeley CA), APS (Argonne IL), CAMD (Baton Rouge LA), DFELL (Durham NC), CHESS (Ithaca NY), NSLS (Upton NY), SRC (Madison WI), SSRL (Stanford CA), SURF II (Gaithersburg MD).
China (PR): BSRF (Beijing), SSRF (Shanghai).
India: INDUS 1 and 2 (Indore).
Japan: Photon Factory (Tsukuba), SPring-8 (Nishi Harima).
Russia: SSRC (BINP) (Novosibirsk).
South Korea: Pohang Accelerator Lab (Pohang).
Taiwan: SRRC (Hsinchu).
Australia: Australian Synchrotron (Melbourne).

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