ID32 - Surface XRD, SEXAFS and X-ray Standing Waves


Tel +33(0)47688 +ext
Jörg Zegenhagen,
Scientist in Charge
28 66
Blanka Detlefs,
27 76
Helena Isern,
BL Operation Manager
29 79
Control Room 26 65
Conference Room 26 56
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These are legacy pages. ID32 was closed for user operation on 5 December 2011. Please consider instead beamlines ID01 and ID03 for your experiments.


Scientific Applications

ID32 beamline is suited for 2-25keV experiments for surface and interfaces studies. Main techniques used are:

  • X-ray Diffraction on a 6-circle diffractometer in air or UHV conditions
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • X-ray Standing Waves with XPS or XFS signal measurements



Beamline short presentation: Beamline layout and Source specifications.

Optical components of the beamline:


Experimental setups on the beamline:


ID32 users can also access preparation labs before their experiment: