ID31 - High-energy beamline for buried interface structure and materials processing

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Veijo Honkimäki,
Scientist in Charge
Thomas Buslaps,
Materials Science Group Beamline Operations Manager


Heterogeneous devices such as fuel cells, solar cells, rechargeable batteries and catalytic materials can only be studied under operation conditions adequately by a combination of experimental methods in order to reveal the interplay between the microscopic material properties and the macroscopic device performances.


ID31 offers a portfolio of hard X-ray characterisation techniques including

  • reflectivity
  • wide and small angle diffraction both in
    transmission and grazing incidence geometry
  • imaging methods
  • auxiliary techniques

coupled with a great versatility in choosing beam sizes, energy and energy-band.


At a moment the beamline is under commissioning and it will welcome its first users in autumn 2015.


Information for Users

Proposal deadline for beamtime from March 2017 to July 2017:

10th September 2016 (inclusive)

Long Term Projects:

15 Jan 2017 (inclusive)

Review Committee Meetings:

27-28 October 2016

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