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ID22 is the new home of the high resolution powder diffraction beamline, previously at ID31. ID22's operational energy range is extended to 6 - 80 keV.

These pages are in the process of being rewritten for the new ID22 beamline

Some history

The ESRF has operated a high resolution powder diffraction beam line with users since 17 May 1996. The original beam line, BM16, was built on a bending magnet, and was transferred in 2002 to an undulator source to exploit the greatly increased flux and collimation available. Thus on 12 March 2002 BM16 measured its last powder diffraction pattern and the diffractometer was transferred to the newly constructed ID31, which performed its first user experiment on 26 June 2002. After 11.5 years, to liberate ID31 for the construction of an ESRF Upgrade Program nanofocus beamline with hutches in the new outer experimental hall, powder diffraction is being relocated at ID22. Thus ID31 closed on 18 December 2013, with ID22 planned to open in the second quarter of 2014. The transfer of powder diffraction from a low-β sector of the ring to a high-β sector will increase the brightness, and the provision of an in-vacuum undulator will enhance the hard-energy performance.


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