Metallic glass foams

Closed cell amorphous metallic foams, ahead of a crushing event, exhibit a unique yielding response characterized by an extended stress plateau. In this study Demetriou et al. investigate the mechanisms associated with the yielding and crushing of these closed-cell foams by means of real-time x-ray micro-tomography. Yielding is found to be a nonlinear elastic transition accommodated by cell clusters which yield cooperatively by intracellular membrane buckling.

M. D. Demetriou, J. C. Hanan, C. Veazey, M. Di Michiel, N. Lenoir, E. Ustndag, W. L. Johnson - Yielding of metallic glass foam by percolation of an elastic buckling instability -Adv. Mater. (under review).

Evolution of the structure of bubbles within the region of failure.

Stress/strain diagram.