The most regularly used SAXS/WAXS and USAXS area detectors are listed below:

  1. Rayonix MX-170HS: This is the main SAXS detector.
  2. FReLoN 16M Kodak CCD: This is the principal USAXS detector which is a fiber optically coupled FReLoN (Fast-Readout, Low-Noise) CCD based on Kodak KAF-4320 image sensor. 
  3. Pilatus 300K: This is a supplementary SAXS pixel detector
  4. Rayonix LX-170HS: This is the main WAXS detector
  5. AVIEX PCCD-4284: This is a supplementary WAXS detector which is based on a large Dalsa sensor (FTF7040M).


The standard scheme for time resolved SAXS/WAXS data acquisition is depicted below. The master controller is a compact PCI board C216 that consists of a time frame generator (TFG) with 8 programmable outputs, an 8 channel voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC), and a 32 bit, 16 channel multi channel scaler (MCS).



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