JSBG software - PXSOFT



  • 2013-10-17: New Phenix nightly build dev-1508 installed (not default version, use "phenix --PXSOFT_VERSION vdev-1508")
  • 2013-10-16: New version of Phenix v1.8.4-1496 installed
  • 2013-10-15: New version of CCP4 v6.4.0 with new version of ARP/wARP v7.4 installed

Data processing

Sctructure solution and refinement

  • CCP4 (Collaborative Computer Project 4) version 6.4.0
  • ARP/wARP v. 7.4, HTML Doc
  • Benny and Chooch f', f'' fitting to experimental data, PS Doc
  • SnB (Shake and Bake) version 2.2 (manual online, link here to a v2.0 introduction), PDF Doc
  • BnP version 0.94 (Combines SnB and PHASES)
  • Phases version 6.0, Text Doc
  • USF Uppsala software factory programs, HTML Doc

Graphics packages

Sequence analysis

Responsibles: Olof Svensson (ESRF) and Gábor Naray (EMBL).