Accessing the MD2 software

The connection to the PC (microdiff29) where the MD2 software is running can be established by clicking once on the icon 'VNC to microdiff' on the right screen of the control computer (p1-id29). Password tonic29

Apertures are misaligned

see here

mxCuBE Camera is not refreshing

Restart the LimaCCDs md2Device Server (see below)


MD2 Troubleshooting

Reinitialization of MicroDiffractomer MD2 Motors

To reinitialize the micro-diffractometer motors position type microdiff_init in the spec(exp) windows.

To fix occasional problem with the centering you can reinitialize the zoom motor by typing  zoom_init() in spec(exp).


Prosilica Device Server - sample camera in mxCuBE not refreshing

In case of image camera freezing you need to restart the Prosilica Device Server.

You can restart from the GUI Device Servers (Icon to start it is on the Left Screen).

From a terminal in p1-id29 (the machine where mxCuBE is running): login as opid29



% bliss_dserver restart LimaCCDs md2

and restart mxCuBE if needed