Front End

is the first beamline shutter and is still a part of the storage ring, i.e. it can be manipulated by the operator of the machine. It can be open/closed by 'idappli' application running on deino, basil, p1-id29 and nela (for ID14, ID23-1, ID29 and BM29 beamlines respectively) computers. The application can be open by clicking on "Fron End Application" icon found on the left side of desktops of these computers. Following window appears:

Front End should be closed if you wish to enter into the Optic Hutch.

If the Automatic Mode option is used [Commands/Set automatic mode], the Front End is automatically re-opened after any intervention from the machine operator, for example after a refilling. Note that Automatic Mode stops, i.e. the Front End is closed, after 72 hours automatically, so think to reset it regularly.

The reasons why the Front End does not open can be:

  • The machine is not in the user mode: Front End inaccessible for users, action: wait for your turn


  • The Optics Hutch is not searched, action: search it


  • One or more vacuum valve(s) in the Optics Hutch is/are closed, action: open it/them via "xvacuum" application. Attention: the valves usually close due to a vacuum problem!!! Check the vacumm values and pumps if there is not a real problem. Call a beamline technician or Floor coordinator if it is the case.


The "xvacuum" appli can be open by clicking on "Vacuum Application" icon found on the left side of desktops of the beamline computer. Following window appears:


A closed valve would appear white, to open it click on it and in the opened window modify the device status to open. Don't close it back when quiting the window!!! For quitting use 'dismiss' button.


Check of the undulators' gaps in the following window [Commands/ID control] of Front End application. If you are on one of ID14's fix stations (EH1,2 or 3): don't change it!! Only if they are all three widely open (the value as 295.99 mm means that an undulator is definitelly open, i.e. its two sets of magnets - South and North - are too far each other to produce any reasonable magnetic field: no field, no electron path deviation, no photon produced...) you can close them to U42=17.08 mm, U23=16.01 mm and U24=19.6 mm which corresponds to the maximal flux for side strations.