Piezo Fast Shutter

is used to control precisely the exposure time of the sample (down to 10 ms). It consists of two blades allowing the opening of about 300 microns vertically (some 'prototype/old' ones have even bigger) which are activated via piezoelectric effect. The voltage applied on acting ceramics is up to 250V, consequently, never take away the shutter cover without switching off its controller/power supply!!!




It is placed in the slit box in the experimental hutch just behind the slits.


If the fast shutter works properly a click can be heard when opened/closed manually via the controler box.


Note that all lights on the contoller front panel should be green (see photo bellow). If the protect light is red (and fast shutter does't work), toggle ON/OFF the protect switch, it should switch to green (and work again).


To switch ON/OFF the main switch of controller (black button on its back side) can also help.


The fast shutter is mounted on two small perpendicular translations (path about 4 mm) allowing its verical and horizontal alignment in the beam and if necessary they allow to translate it completely out of the beam. The motors are usually named something as piezoh, piezov or fsh, fsv depending on a given beamline responsible imagination. In principle, you will never need to use them, except after replacing a broken fast shutter.


The fast-shutter-contact-man is  Didier Nurizzo, i.e. he could tell you if there are and where you can find our spare ones.