The experimental hutches have a heavy 20cm thick granite alignment table. Mounted first on the table are a double pair of highly accurate beam defining slits, followed by a fast and accurate piezo shutter good for millisecond exposures. The sample is mounted on a precise airbearing goniometer for accurate X-ray diffraction measurements from ever smaller crystals. A high resolution video-microscope is mounted co-axial with the X-ray beam axis that allows the sample position to be viewed without parallax error. The sample may be manipulated and the crystal centered using a simple three-click procedure on a nearby PC or from the beamline control PC. MX beamlines are equipped with CCD detectors for accurate and fast (as quick as ~2s per frame on MAD stations with ADSC 315s) data collections. An Oxford Cryostream (700 series) with an automatically filled dewar is available for cryo-cooling (effectively necessary for all experiments on the beamline). A 50 crystal sample changer will be available on all beamlines this Summer (2005).



Element Description
Alignment table Two tonne block of black granite, aligned by five motors, supporting the diffractometer
Diffractometer Maatel Mini-diffractometer (MD2M)
Detectors All beamlines equipped with ADSC or Mar CCD detectors
Slitbox Double pair of miniaturised slits
Sample Changer ESRF/EMBL sample changer which can hold 50 crystals at a time
Fast shutter Piezo shutter
Cryostream Oxford Cryosystems 700 series cryostream