All MX group beamlines are equipped with Oxford Cryosystems 700 series cryostreams. They are mounted on a pneumatic slider for in/out positioning of the cryostream (controlled via the exes interface) to ease manual mounting of samples and used automatically by the sample changer when in use.

The cryostream should already be running at 100K when you arrive. If you wish to change the temperature during your experiment please feel free to do so but please reset it to 100K before you leave.


The dewar for the cryostream should be automatically refilled. You can monitor the status of the cryostream and it's dewar using the cryospy software on each beamline control PC.

The cryostream is easily aligned using the varibeam support and alignment tool attached to the support stand. If you wish to align the cryostream please ensure that you check the translation of the cryostream so that when the software drives the cryostream in, it doesn't hit the backstop. To do this, align the cryostream with the alignment tool to a centred pin with the backstop at the out position. Remove the alignment tool and ensure that the cryostream is in the IN position. Bring the backstop in and make sure that it doesn't collide with the cryostream (use the translation on the varibeam support to set this correctly). Ensure the cryostream is as close as you can get to the sample without hitting the collimator/backstop.