Info on x-ray and optical cameras will appear here

Most of the MX beamlines are equipped with XC-HR50 cameras from Sony. These are controlled through the meteor2 device server running on a windows XP PC. More information on these device servers can be found on the BLISS device server web pages.

A PDF copy of the XC-HR50 users guide can be found here



On line cameras on WEB (only inside firewall):


ID23-1 as id231video1 for Experimental hutch and as id231video2 for Optic hutch


ID23-2 as id232video1


ID29    as id29video1 for Experimental hutch and as id29video2 for Optic hutch


BM29 as ld291:8066 (new web camera appli running on rackable PC) for Optic hutch and BM29video  for Experimental hutch