Before you come to the ESRF please read the "Prepare Your Experiment" pages. Once here the "Run Your Experiment" pages will help you along the way and if you get into any difficulties the "Trouble Shooting" pages should have the answers.




ID23-1 is a fully tunable beamline capable of MAD measurements from 6 to 20 keV energy (2.07 Å to 0.62 Å)


ID29 is intended for high intensity, high energy resolution MAD and SAD measurements over a wide range of X-ray wavelengths. It uses two complementary undulator sources: a standard U35 and an in vacuum U21.


ID30B is a high intensity, variable focus beamline (20 to 200 micron in diameter) and tunable for measurements in the energy range of 6 – 20 keV (2.1 – 0.62 Å).



ID23-2 is a fixed energy (14.20 keV, 0.873 Å) and has a beam focused to around 5 microns in diameter.


Station MASSIF-3 is fixed energy (12,9keV, 0.961Å) with a beamsize around 15 microns.

Fully automated


Station MASSIF-1 is a fully automated macromolecular crystallography beamline at a fixed energy station of 12.8keV.



BM29 is our bio-SAXS beamline and is a tunable energy station between 7 and 15keV for the study of proteins in solution.