Nickel Datas in eV
8333 1.44 1008.6 2.89 870.0 0.52 852.7 0.48 7478.15 1.94a / 3.00b 7460.89 1.96a / 3.70b 8264.66


Main beamline parameters at K-edge
Bending Magnet Monochromator Mirrors
Vertical div. (mrad) Cristal type Angle (°) Resolution (eV) Angle (mrad) Cut-off energy (keV)
0.194 Si(220) 22.83 0.427 4.7 12.5
Si(111) 13.74 1.14



Main crystal analyzer spectrometer parameters at K-edge
Line Crystal
Name E (eV) Type Bragg angle (°)
EKα1 7478.15 Si(620) 74.888
EKß1 8264.66 Si(444) 73.121



Experiments already done with this element / available references

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Chemistry, Catalysis & Electrochemistry

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