Manganese Datas in eV
6539 1.16 769.1 2.62 649.9 0.34 638.7 0.32 5898.75 1.48a / 2.25b 5887.65 1.50a / 2.92b 6490.45


Main beamline parameters at K-edge
Bending Magnet Monochromator Mirrors
Vertical div. (mrad) Cristal type Angle (°) Resolution (eV) Angle (mrad) Cut-off energy (keV)
0.219 Si(220) 29.63 0.335 6.0 9.8
Si(111) 17.62 0.894



Main crystal analyzer spectrometer parameters at K-edge
Line Crystal
Name E (eV) Type Bragg angle (°)
EKα1 5898.75 Ge(333) 74.867
EKß1 6490.45 Si(440) 84.213



Experiments already done with this element / available references

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