Fame uses X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) for structural investigation of (very) diluted systems of environmental, chemical and biological interest.

Opened to users since September 2002 at ESRF, the CRG-FAME beamline covers a wide variety of common applications of XAS in condensed matter physics, materials science, biophysics, chemistry... More than 50% of the beamtime is used for geochemical sciences where, in most cases, the probed elements are highly diluted.  
FAME being a bending magnet beamline, the optical elements have been designed in order firstly to maximize the photon flux on the sample and secondly to optimize the beamline stability and reduce the non-statistical noise. Moreover, for an optimal acquisition of XAS spectra on diluted elements, the intense X-ray beam on the sample needs to be associated with a highly sensitive detection system. Fluorescence detection is achieved with a 30-element Canberra Ge solid state detector or with crystal analyser spectrometer.

NEW: the FAME team would like to know more about your needs and wishes on XAS beamlines.



Deadlines for proposal submission:

CRG beamtime: February 15th and September 15th.

ESRF beamtime: March 1st and September 10th.