Users and Setups

People at work or visiting the DUBBLE beam-lines

Here are some photographs of both visiting scientists and DUBBLE staff using the beam lines.

Simultaneous SAXS and WAXS in a vertical configuration

Users from MPR Eindhoven


In situ super critical CO2 X-ray reactor/cell. Wim Bras, Soumi Banerjee and Daniel Hermida.

Wim Daniel Diamond cell
Homogeniser Global view


In situ fiber/film and drawing setup

Film setup Fiber setup
Film setup Fiber setup Fiber setup2


Users from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven on BM26A

TUE-team on BM26A


The group of Henk Schenk and Renee Peschar (University of Amsterdam) melting chocolate on the BM26B beam line

Henk and the boys


The 7 Tesla superconducting magnet on beam line BM26B. Giuseppe Portale and Wim Bras operating it over a weekend shift for experiments on liquid crystals.

Giuseppe on BM26B   Wim and the 7 T magnet