The MSGC (MicroStrip Gas Chamber) detector showed below is no longer operational. Now WAXS data can be acquired using a 2D FReLoN or Photonic Science detector. Note also that a new two-dimensional Pilatus 300K-W has been delivered at mid April 2009 and will be available for use in the near future.

For the time being, some information about the MSGC detector is still kept on this page for historical reasons. For details about the operation mode and about detector's electronics, take a look at the corresponding pages in this folder.

MSGC gasbox
Gasbox open with glass strips visible MSGC detector's electronics


Characteristics of WAXS
Microstrip Gas Chamber detector
Count rate up to 4x105counts/s/channel
Time resolution 1.5 ms/frame
Energy range 5-25 keV
Energy resolution 10-11 % at 5.9 keV
Opening angle 60 °
Angular resolution 0.03 °



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