BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian Beamline

BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian beamline

The beamline is funded by the Dutch and Flemish research councils, which means that 70% of the available beam time is reserved for researchers working in Dutch or Flemish institutes (who submit a CRG proposal). The remaining 30% is available for general ESRF applicants (who submit a standard ESRF proposal).

It is a common occurrence that researchers apply via the wrong route

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Proposal deadlines for Dutch and Flemish researchers:
1st April and 1st October

What research is performed here?

The SAXS/WAXS beam line
SAXS-WAXS-samplechanger-700px.png is largely devoted to soft condensed matter research, although scientists from many other research fields (geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, etc.) are also regular visitors
Latest publication:   

Annelien Rigolle, Bart Goderis, Koen Van Den Abeele, and Imogen Foubert; “Isothermal crystallization behavior of cocoa butter at 17°C and 20°C with and without limonene”; Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Just Accepted Manuscript (2016); DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.5b05965


The XAFS beam line
ExafsSaxsWaxs-0008.jpg (Exafs-Saxs-Waxs setup (1)) is specialised in on-line catalysis experiments but recent publications include: work on strained and relaxed CVD grown epitaxial Ge1-xSnx films, a study during cycling of Li2FeSiO4 and Li2.2Fe0.9SiO4 Li ion battery materials and a paper entitled "Co-rich ZnCoO nanoparticles embedded in wurtzite Zn1-xCoxO thin films: possible origin of superconductivity".
Latest publication:  

Naga Venkata Ranga Aditya Dharanipragada, Maria Meledina, Vladimir V. Galvita, Hilde Poelman, Stuart Turner, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Christophe Detavernier, and Guy B Marin; “Deactivation study of Fe2O3-CeO2 during redox cycles for CO production from CO2; Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., Just Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.6b00963



  • Most of the DUBBLE team on 21st March 2016 (missing Wim and Florian)


Back row: Halina, Dip, Aleksei, Alessandro, Dirk and Daniel

Front row: Mrinal, Stephen and Jenny

  • Some of the DUBBLE team on 6th June 2014

 Dubble personnel2.jpeg

News from DUBBLE

Scientist joins DUBBLE SAXS/WAXS line


Dr. Bera has recently joined DUBBLE-CRG group as a beamline scientist for the SAXS/WAXS station (BM26B). Before joining DUBBLE he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Chicago, USA.


Publications in 2015


The DUBBLE beam lines have had another productive year with 100 peer reviewed publications incorporating DUBBLE data. This corresponds to roughly one paper for every three days’ beam time, a very satisfactory rate of return, reflecting the fact that the DUBBLE beam...


Sinterklaas comes to DUBBLE


A gift of chocolate (from our EXAFS users)! Thanks guys, come back soon


Improved understanding of Ni based catalysts could enable large scale energy storage using hydrogen fuel cells


In-situ measurements of Ni(OH)2/NiOOH materials in electrochemical cells lead to an in-depth understanding of the oxygen evolution reaction


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Information for Users

Proposal deadline for beamtime from March 2017 to July 2017:

10th September 2016 (inclusive)

Long Term Projects:

15 Jan 2017 (inclusive)

Review Committee Meetings:

27-28 October 2016

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