BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian Beamline

BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian beamline

We mainly cater to researchers in the remit of the Dutch and Flemish research councils but 30% of the beam time is available for general ESRF users.

Two lines: BM26A=XAFS  BM26B=SAXS/WAXS
The DUBBLE project operates two beam lines whose main techniques are time-resolved SAXS/WAXS and XAFS. It is possible to collect XAFS data simultaneously with XRD and SAXS (this is sample limited).

We offer flexibility and high quality data




Proposal deadlines for Dutch and Flemish researchers:
1st April and 1st October

Synchrotron and Neutron Workshop
Utrecht, 1st June 2015

also celebrating 1000 DUBBLE publications!
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What research is performed here?

The SAXS/WAXS beam line is largely devoted to soft condensed matter research, although scientists from many other research fields (geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, etc.) are also regular visitors.

The XAFS beam line is specialised in on-line catalysis experiments but this is definitely not the only type of experiment carried out here. 


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  • The DUBBLE team on 6th June 2014

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News from DUBBLE

Husn's paper in the news


As reported in the Daily Mail, "Did life begin in underwater volcanoes? Hot sea vents spontaneously produce building blocks needed for organisms to develop". A recent paper published in Chemical Communications, DOI: 10.1039/C5CC02078F, is attracting media attention....


Combined extensional rheometry, SAXS and WAXS


Enrico Troisi and colleagues from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven have combined extensional rheometry with SAXS and WAXS on BM26B to follow the isothermal crystallization of isotactic polypropylene at 135°C. They are able to follow the crystallization kinetics...


Better together: a novel bimetallic catalyst for the efficient processing of biomass


Wenhao Luo, Meenakshisundaram Sankar, Pieter Bruinincx and Bert Weckhuysen from the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science in Utrecht, together with Andrew Beale (UCL, UK) and Qian He & Christopher J. Kiely (Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA) have developed a...


In situ GISAXS and XRF during Atomic Layer Deposition


Real time characterisation of the evolution of the deposited film and its nanoscale morphology


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