Activity reports :

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May 2009, ESRF beamline review panels :


Report to BLRP : D2AM, status, highlights and plans for upgrade of the french anomalous CRG beam line at ESRF.

Conclusion from the review committee

BLRP presentations: Introduction,   Nanostructures,   Metallurgy,   Gisaxs,   Soft condensed,   Detector,   Perspectives

SAC presentation : D2am, an anomalous beamline from DAFS to SAXS.


29-30 Oct. 2007 Jounées oxides : 

programme    compte rendu

March 2004, reports for ESRF beamline review panels: D2am, status and highlights of the french anomalous CRG beamline at ESRF.

Nov. 2003, the SAC presentation :

D2am, a multipurpose anomalous beamline from SAXS to DAFS


Feb. 2003: Improvement in scattering experiment using pixel detectors


Sept. 2001: Internal French CRG seminar