The French CRGs (D2AM, IF, FAME, FIP) have to deliver 33% of their beamtime to general ESRF users. The remaining 67% is available for researchers employed by French institutions / universities.


French users can of course also apply as general ESRF users to CRG/F or other beamlines.

If one wants to apply for beamtime for in CRG proposals in standard ESRF proposals
Anomalous crystallography D2AM-Kappa BM2
Small angles scattering D2AM-SAXS BM2
Protein crystallography FIP - BM30A BM30A
Surface / Ultra vacuum IF - SUV BM32
Grazing incidence diffractomer IF - GM BM32

The deadlines for proposal submission are :

  • Feb 15th - Sept 15th (CRG beamtime)
  • March 1st - Sept 1st (ESRF beamtime)