The following companies will be present during the 2017 ESRF User Meeting:


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    Christophe Berger

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    Matthias Fischer

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  • Axilon AG
    Emil-Hoffmann Str. 55-59
    D-50996 Köln


    Wolfgang Diete

    Axmo Precision
    ZI de la Moinerie
    15 rue du Roussillon
    BP 22
    F-91222 Retigny sur Orge Cédex



    Christophe Berger

    Via Tiburina Km 18 700


    Alfredo de Roberto

    DECTRIS Ltd.
    Neuenhoferstr. 107


    Clemens Schulze-Briese

    Hitachi Science America
    19865 Nordhoff Str.
    CA 91324


    Shaul Barkan

    Johann Fischer Aschaffenburg
    Ruhlan Str. 72-80
    D-63741 Aschaffenburg


    Matthias Fischer

    MDC Vacuum Products Europe Sarl
    38 Place des Pavillons
    F-69007 Lyon


    Anne-Sophie Jaubert

    PI MiCos
    Optische Systeme GmbHtrong>Matthias Fischer

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