ESRF, Grenoble-France on 16 and 17 November 2006

Organised and supported by ESRF, LNCMP and EuroMagNET

Distinct communities are working with synchrotron radiation or with high magnetic fields, with very little overlap between them :

This workshop aims at bringing these communities together to exchange ideas, create personal connections and prepare the ground for future collaborations.

We aim to discuss the scientific potential of x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy in magnetic fields above 30T. Pulsed magnetic fields in the range of 30 to 40T have recently become available at Spring-8 and the ESRF.

Furthermore projects of steady fields up to 35T are under way at the APS, and are included in the long term strategy of the ESRF.

The programme will cover the following subjects

• Recent developments in high magnetic field applications at synchrotrons.
• Science in high magnetic fields, such as correlated electron systems, low-dimensional organic systems,
  and molecular magnets.
• Possible x-ray experiments on such systems in pulsed or steady magnetic fields.

Conference Presentations