The following information is not applicable for Thesis Students, Postdoctoral Fellows and Trainees

Note: the following information is non-contractual

Field of Application

The majority of staff are recruited on a permanent contract basis with a probation period of up to 6 months, according to status. Scientists are, however, as a general rule appointed for a fixed-term period of up to 5 years.

1. Salary

The annual salary scales are normally within the range of:

  • 44 - 68 k€ for scientists,
  • 33 - 63 k€ for engineers and for executive officers in administration,
  • 21 - 40 k€ for technicians,
  • 20 - 33 k€ for general staff depending on experience and qualifications.

The level at which staff are appointed is based upon their qualifications, experience and the level of responsibility of the post.

2. Allowances

In addition to the basic salary, the ESRF pays the following allowances according to entitlement:

  • an expatriation allowance for staff recruited from outside of France under certain conditions of residence,
  • a family allowance if the staff member has two or more dependent children,
  • an education allowance for non-French staff members receiving an expatriation allowance and who send their dependent child(ren) to school in their home country.

For staff members recruited from outside the Grenoble area to permanent contracts or scientists with contracts of more than 3 years duration, the ESRF will (under certain conditions) pay:

  • an installation allowance: the amount depends on the individual's family situation.
  • an adaptation allowance depending upon the place of residence prior to recruitment, the individual's family situation and the type of contract.

3. Social Security, Pensions, Taxation

  • Salary and allowances (total remuneration) are subject both to for French income tax and to contributions to the French Social Security and other compulsory schemes.
  • Benefits include private health insurance, a supplementary pension scheme, and death / disability insurance.
  • The total contributions (for social security, medical insurance, unemployment and pensions) vary from 20% to 23.5% of the total remuneration (salary and allowances).
  • Income tax depends on salary and on the individual's family situation. As income tax is not deduced at source in France, employees are responsible for declaring their earnings each year and paying their taxes. Taxes are paid the year in arrears.

4. Removal expenses

The ESRF will reimburse removal costs for the new staff member's personal belongings and household goods. The reimbursement is normally given on the basis of the cheapest of at least three tenders.

The ESRF will also pay the initial travel cost (cheapest rate) for the new staff member and for the dependent family members residing with him/her in Grenoble, and the eventual return to their home country according to specific conditions.

Note: Staff members who benefit from an adaptation allowance, who leave the ESRF within three years may be required to reimburse part of these amounts.

5. Annual Leave Entitlement

Employees at the ESRF are currently entitled to 26 days of annual leave. In addition, there are approximately 11 days of public or local holidays per year.