BCU Applications

The BCU also write software and not only for the ESRF. All our software is in the public domain!

The list is likely incomplete, but see for yourself. Installation at the ESRF beamlines is normally done with the blissinstaller.



Graphical interface for multi-channel analyser spectra visualization and analysis.

PyMca can display spectra from a file or directly from SPEC during acquisitions.

A description of its analysis capabilities has been published. Due to the copyright transfer to the publisher, the article can be found here.

More information about the program can be found at the PyMca home page.

Latest versions for all platforms are available for download from sourceforge.



Artemis is an imaging application to deal with multiple ESRF Data Format (EDF) files.

This application should be considered obsolete because most of its functionality and many new features are included in the latest PyMca. A PyMca roi imaging tutorial is available.

If you are still interested on Artemis, an easy to install windows version can be downloaded here.



Newplot is an interface to display data from SPEC files. Newplot allows to find peaks in a scan. Fast, simple fitting routines are available. Newplot has been developed using Python and Tkinter. Most of its functionalities are included in PyMca.

Newplot is obsolete and we are unable to provide any help with it. Please use PyMca (above) to find similar functionality with a more modern interface.

If you are still interested on NewPlot, you can install for linux and windows.

Python SpecClient module

The SpecClient module allows to profit of the server functionalities of spec from a python client either synchronously or asynchronously.

SpecClient is available for direct download.


Running projects

  • Oxidis
    a new data visualisation program, but with modern technology, to replace the old onze and dis.
  • The BLISS FrameWork
    A framework program allowing to everyone to add brick to build your perfect beam line control application.
  • MXCuBe
    The perfect beam line control application for MX beam lines, built with the FrameWork.
  • and surely many more. 

Sorry, for the latter, there are no links yet, hopefully they will be added soon.