SSL gateway

Warning!! A new SSL Gateway is available since Monday 6 July 2015. Compared to the previous system, the URL is now (without /esrfbasic suffix) so your bookmarks have to be updated.

The SSL Gateway allows accessing internal computing resources like email and Intranet from outside:

  • Any computing device with a web-browser can use the SSL Gateway in Basic mode.
  • Only ESRF Windows laptops with a recent version of Mozilla Firefox web-browser and a recent version of java installed, can use the SSL access in full VPN mode.
  • Communication with the SSL Gateway is encrypted, so passwords do not transit in clear text.
  • E-mail can be accessed transparently by providing to e-mailer program its right settings (e.g Thunderbird imap and smtp servers have to be configured in SSL mode)
  • The Basic mode of the SSL Gateway - based on the site password, allows:
    • to browse the Intranet, including the Absence application (Pleiades),
    • to use a basic ssh connection to NICE,
    • to launch a Windows Remote Desktop for accessing a Windows PC inside the ESRF,
    • to access files on the internal Windows File sharing.


Please, refer to the SSL User's Manual for details.

For any other X11-based UNIX applications, either ssh or NX should be used instead (also protected by user account and site password).