International Forum on Detectors for Photon Science


What is IFDEPS?

The International Forum on Detectors for Photon Science is a series of workshops focused on detector development that aims at providing a discussion space for sharing views and reflections about directions to follow for the design and production of future generations of X‑ray detection systems for synchrotron radiation applications at both XFELs and storage rings.

The IFDEPS initiative is complementary to existing detector or instrumentation conferences, which may cover synchrotron radiation detectors to a greater or lesser extent but which also tend to be adapted to the expectations of detector developers and thus serve primarily to showcase the latest projects or results. Such events are an excellent approach for dissemination of technical information but are not optimal for encouraging discussion and debate on specific areas and detection technologies from the perspective and interest of the photon source facilities.

Regular IFDEPS events will focus technical discussions on areas that have been identified as particularly relevant to the synchrotron radiation community. By selecting the topics and speakers who contribute with their knowledge and experience, this forum intends to foster discussions and technical exchanges that will contribute to setting out the strategy for future detector developments.

The need to build up a common vision and a common strategy between facilities is becoming more and more important as the technical requirements, as well as the level of know-how and resources required to develop advanced X­‑ray detectors, increase in parallel to the evolution of technology and the construction of new generation photon sources, both free-electron lasers and higher brilliance storage rings.

The participants to the IFDEPS workshops are primarily detector specialists from development labs or companies and experts from light sources. The number of participants is limited and the attendance is by invitation only. All lightsource facilities worldwide are encouraged to send a delegate/representative so that this forum can receive input from and in some way influence all photon sources. The technical and scientific presentations are entrusted to selected speakers, who are invited to not restrict their contributions only to their personal work but also to share and expose their views and opinions as experts in the corresponding technical fields.

In addition to limiting the size and duration of the workshops, all other organisational aspects such as the selection of venue or establishing the schedule aim at facilitating and encouraging maximum discussion and exchange between participants. The degree of success of the IFDEPS workshops relies fundamentally on the creation of a positive communication atmosphere and the openness and enthusiastic contribution of the highly motivated participants.


Summary of IFDEPS workshops and main topics:

- IFDEPS 2016   –  Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

  • Highlight topic:   CMOS image sensor technology for X-ray detection
  • High dynamic range detection
  • Combining high sensitivity and spatial resolution
  • X-ray detectors with sparse readout


- IFDEPS 2018   –  Annecy, France

  • Highlight topic:   Energy dispersive X-ray detector systems
  • Facility update on development activities
  • First detector experiences in new facilities
  • Strategies for high-throughput data acquisition